What we do

Gemix offers a sophisticated and professional gateway for investing in a unique asset class with an attractive risk/return profile and low correlation with traditional investment strategies. This fairly new asset class, known as Marketplace lending, or P2P lending, is an excellent enhancement to the return and diversification of a fixed-income portfolio. Gemix is a “buy side” expert, granting loans to individuals through leading marketplace lending platforms throughout the world. Gemix offers such services to institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals, offering a solid and attractive component to any portfolio.

Cutting Edge Technology

Gemix has developed a state of the art trading platform which enables working with multiple Marketplace lending platforms in real-time. The objective of the fund is to outperform peer-to-peer lending, using smart algorithms to monitor and cherry pick the best loans in each class.

Unique Asset class

A new fixed income class for your portfolio

Low volatility
Compared to stock markets, Marketplace lending tends to fluctuate less.

Investments are spread between different platforms, countries, currencies and investment products.

Solid returns
Gemix investment strategy together with the platforms credit assessment and allocation to high number of loans creates stable returns

How we do it

Marketplace lending platforms with proven track record, well-regarded management team and compatibility with applicable regulations
our trading algorithms to each and every platform in order to fully deploy the appropriate investment strategy
Maximizing returns
By defining the right investment strategy and the appropriate spread to every investment product

Marketplace lending opportunities

A force of change in lending

What is Marketplace lending?
Marketplace lending also known as peer-to-peer lending, abbreviated P2PL, is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses ("peers"), without going through a bank or other traditional financial institution. This takes place online using various lending platforms and credit assessment tools.

How does it work?
Marketplace lending platforms leverage online data and technology to quickly assess risk, determine a credit rating and assign appropriate interest rates to the borrower. Qualified applicants easily receive offers in just minutes. The online process lowers the cost of credit, generating lower rates for borrowers and solid returns for investors.

How risky is it?
In an economic downturn, the default risk of loans increases. Historically, prime loans demonstrated resilience when compared with other asset classes, including equities, corporate bonds and real estate.

Some facts about Marketplace lending

$35 +

Billion estimated global Marketplace
lending issuance in 2015


Billion - Only in North America

50% +

Forecasted market growth year over year

$40,000 +

Billion, estimated global
consumer lending debt

8% +

average expected return

Who we are

Fintech professionals pursuing your fund goals
Gemix is managed by Fintech professionals with extensive experience in credit risk management and financial algorithmics

Moshe Hadar

 Co-founder and Chairman. Mr. Hadar co-founded Efficient Finance (EF), a leading global Marketplace lending provider, currently serving as it’s President and board member. Prior to that, Moshe held management positions as EVP & CFO of Flextronics, and USR Group. Mr. Hadar was also a CPA with Deloitte & Touche and Price Waterhouse Coopers. Mr. Hadar has more than two decades of experience in managerial, business strategy, financing and particularly in Fintech. Moshe holds a bachelors degree in economics and accounting from Haifa University and a Masters degree in Law from the University of Bar Ilan.

Mairan Brodbar

Co-founder and CEO. Mr. Brodbar brings over 20 years of experience in credit risk management, holding roles as chief operating officer and head of credit risk management at Blender, a leading P2P Platform in Israel and Co-founder at RMS, a Risk Management Consulting firm. His experience includes executive positions with Visa CAL (head of Yatzil Finance), and Clal Insurance group (vice president of Clal Credit Insurance and director at Clal Factoring). Mairan has overseen the business and credit risk within portfolios totaling in the billions. Mairan holds a bachelors degree in economics and has earned an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Eric (Achik) Ben Artzi

Eric Ben Arzi is Chief Scientist at Gemix. Eric holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from New York University and a B.Sc. in mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has extensive experience in the financial markets, specializing in fixed income and risk, holding positions such as vice president at Goldman Sachs’ FICC Strategies and vice president at Deutsche Bank’s Quantitative Risk Research group. Prior to that, he was a fixed income trader at Citigroup Global Markets.

Danny Priel

Danny is VP Marketing at Gemix. Danny has been active in the Israeli financial arena for over 15 years, doing business development, marketing and sales. Danny has been working as VP Marketing for Dash investment house responsible for both direct marketing and marketing channels.

Head of credit committee - Ze’ev Milbauer

Ze’ev is a seasoned expert in Israel’s financial markets. He began his career in the Tel Aviv Stock exchange as a trader, then held various positions during his eight years cadence at TASE. His last position was professional assistant to the CEO and trade supervisor. Ze’ev served as the CEO of IBI stock exchange and investing services, and before that manned several investing positions at IBI, working at the group 24 years overall. Ze’ev also served as the chairman of the TASE non-bank members’ organization. In the last 7 years Ze’ev is an Investment Banker, and a member of the investment committee of The Phonix insurance company.

Advisory board member - Jonathan Saacks

Jonathan (Jonny) Saacks is a Managing Partner at Genesis Partners, a leading Israeli venture capital firm with more than $600 million under management, and sits on the boards of a number of Genesis Partners portfolio companies including Innovid, PowerInbox, Eatwith, and DaPulse. Jonny invested in, and was a board member at, Neebula, (acquired by ServiceNow in 2014) PrimeSense (acquired by Apple in 2013) and Yedda (acquired by AOL in 2007). Jonny focuses on early stage software investments, and in addition, is responsible for the fund management. Jonny is responsible for founding and managing The Junction, Israel’s leading early stage accelerator. Prior to joining Genesis Partners, Jonny worked at Gemini Israel Funds where he concentrated on software investments and fund operations management.

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